MOPOP Chapter 21: Final Actions and Post-Rejection Practice

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CIPO received the following feedback during the consultation period (October 9, 2012 to November 23, 2012):

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Consultation period

Consultation period: October 9 to November 23, 2012

Consultation documents

Proposed MOPOP Chapter 21

Consultation and discussion

Chapter 21 addresses examination practice surrounding the rejection of an application and post-rejection practices by the Patent Appeal Board and the Commissioner of Patents. The chapter has been revised to ensure a more consistent and clear examination approach for determining when a Final Action is warranted and the content of the Final Action itself and to detail post-rejection practices as reflected by proposed changes to the Patent Rules.

The MOPOP is published to provide patent examiners, applicants, agents, and the public in general with a guide on the procedures and practices relative to the prosecution of patent applications in Canada under the current Patent Act and Patent Rules. This Manual is to be considered solely as a guide and should not be quoted as an authority. Authority must be found in the Patent Act, the Patent Rules, and in decisions of the Courts interpreting them.

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