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An Introduction to Intellectual Property (IP)
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A word (or words), a design, or a combination of these used to distinguish the goods and services of one person or organization from those of others in the marketplace

Look around you

… how many trademarks do you see everyday?

BlackBerry logo
Bell logo
Petro-canada logo

You might notice that some trademarks are followed by the symbols ® or ™.

Canada's Trade-marks Act does not contain any marking requirements. However, you may have come across the following symbols used by trademark owners, namely, ® (registered), TM (trademark), MD (marque déposée) or MC (marque de commerce). The ® or MD are generally used to identify a registered mark. The symbols TM or MC are generally used to identify an unregistered mark.

Trademarks can be used to uniquely identify goods and services

Petro-canada logo

Petro-Canada holds the Team sponsorship rights for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic games. You will see this logo on our Canadian athletes.

A brand is a collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer.

A trademark is a distinctive indicator which uniquely identifies a particular company, individual, or product/service.

Top Canadian Brands

Canadian brands (in billions of dollars)
Thomson Reuters 9.3
TD 6.7
RBC 6.1
BlackBerry 6.0
Pharmaprix / Shoppers Drug Mart 3.4
Tim Hortons 2.6
Bell 2.5
Rogers 2.3
Scotia 2.1
BMO 2.0
Canadian Tire 1.9

Source: Interbrand Canada, 2010 Best Canadian Brands

Trademark protection

In today's competitive global marketplace, branding often becomes the most important aspect of a business or an organization.

Registering a trademark has important advantages in Canada:

  • It provides proof of ownership
  • It allows you to flag infringement under the Trademark Act
  • It prevents others from adopting a similar trademark
  • It can make licensing your products and services easier

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