Filing a New or Revised Trade-mark Application
(Online Service for Individual Applicants)


Welcome to the CIPO Trade-marks e-Filing service.

With this online service, you can file a new and revised trade-mark application. Upon payment of the prescribed filing fees, you will immediately receive your application number.

1. Before you apply

If you haven't already done so, we suggest that you consult the following information before starting your application:

2. Application Requirements

A trade-mark application must contain the following minimum requirements to receive a filing date and application number:

  • the name and address of the applicant
  • a representation of the trade-mark (such as a drawing), unless the trade-mark consists solely of a word or words
  • the wares (goods) or services that the trade-mark will be or has been used for
  • either a statement indicating the intention to use a certain trade-mark and how that use will occur or the date of first use of the trade-mark in Canada, whichever is applicable
  • the application fee (see Tariff of Fees, Part I-Filing, Item 1)

3. After you apply — Filing a revised application

You may be required to file a revised trade-mark application following an examination report.

  • Use the revised form only if you previously filed a trade-mark application and have a CIPO filing receipt.
  • Do not use the form for revised applications for the Trade-marks Opposition Board.
  • Certain application changes are not allowed. Check which changes are allowed by reviewing Sections 31 and 32 of the Trade-marks Regulations.

4. Access the online forms (mandatory login)

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