Integrated Circuit Topographies

What is an ICT?

ICTs (integrated circuit topographies) refer to the three-dimensional configurations of electronic integrated circuit products or layout designs.

What is an ICT?

ICTs are all around us: in modern technology, communications, entertainment, manufacturing, medical and space technologies, and even ordinary household appliances.

What is an ICT?

The Integrated Circuit Topography Act, which came into force on May 1, 1993, is one of Canada's newest pieces of legislation that protects intellectual property rights.

What is an ICT?

In order to protect your ICT, you must apply for, and be granted registration. Registration grants you exclusive rights for 10 years on your original circuit design.

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Why register your ICT?

Registration of your ICT gives you exclusive legal rights. With your registration, you can exclude others from reproducing your topography, and from manufacturing an integrated circuit product that incorporates your topography, or a substantial part of it.

How to register

Before you register your ICT, consult the Guide to Integrated Circuit Topographies to learn about the registration process.

Once you're ready, contact our Client Service Centre for a copy of the ICT application form.