Bulk data products

Canada's intellectual property bulk products contain public information extracted from patent, trademark and industrial design applications filed with the Office and made available in machine-readable or raw formats. The information contained in bulk data products is also accessible free of charge by searching CIPO's trademarks, industrial designs and patents databases.

Canadian bulk data for your business or research project

Businesses can purchase subscriptions to receive weekly bulk data front files while universities and non-profit research organizations are eligible to receive bulk data back files free of charge.

Front files and back files are bound by the terms and conditions for use.

Our products

To learn more about Canadian bulk data, consult the product overview as well as the product descriptions, factsheets and samples accessible below:

Our products
Products Subscription Back File Link
Trademarks: data and imagesFootnote 1 $1,575 $490 Order
Industrial designs: data and imagesFootnote 1 $2,400 $450 Order
Patent applications: data and images (MIMOSA)Footnote 2 $1,000 $750/year Order
Patent grants: data and images (MIMOSA)Footnote 2 $700 $550/year Order
Patent administrative status: dataFootnote 2 $500 $275 Order
Patent bibliographic and full text: dataFootnote 2 $1,000 $880 Order

Contact CIPO-IP-Data for more information.

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