Jacques Roy — April 1, 2008

    Bankruptcy District
    of the province of Quebec

    In the Matter of the Disciplinary File of Trustees Jacques Roy (Quebec) — April 1, 2008

    Complainant: Sylvie Laperrière, Senior Analyst
    Respondent: Jacques Roy, Trustee

    Order pursuant to sections 14.01 and 14.02 of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act

    Whereas the undersigned made a decision dated December 3, 2004, concerning the trustee's liability, followed by a second decision dated January 31, 2005, with regard to the sanction;

    Whereas these decisions were the subject of applications by the trustee (docket T-360-05) and by the senior analyst (docket T-402-05) for judicial review by the Federal Court with regard to, respectively, the four defaults sustained and the seven defaults dismissed by the undersigned;

    Whereas the trustee's four defaults sustained by the undersigned in the decision of December 3, 2004, were upheld by the Federal Court (docket T-360-05);

    Whereas the Federal Court nonetheless, in docket T-360-05, set aside the one-week suspension imposed on the trustee and referred the matter back to the undersigned for a new decision on the sanction in accordance with section 14.01 of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (the Act);

    Whereas the senior analyst's application for judicial review in docket T-402-05 was allowed with respect to certain defaults and dismissed with respect to others;

    Whereas an appeal and a cross-appeal were filed with the Federal Court of Appeal against this decision (docket A-579-05);

    Whereas in a judgment dated December 21, 2007, the Federal Court of Appeal reversed the undersigned's conclusions regarding the interpretation of Rule 45 and of Section 30 of the Act, with the result that six defaults initially dismissed should be the subject of a new hearing;

    Whereas the file was again referred to the undersigned for a decision as to whether the evidence justified the conclusion that the trustee was guilty of the alleged defaults;

    Whereas the trustee intends to contest his liability with respect to these six defaults;

    Whereas the continuation of the hearing is scheduled for April 8, 2008;

    Whereas the parties have entered into discussions in order to come to a negotiated solution in this matter and to put an end to the costs incurred and to be incurred;

    Whereas the parties have come to an agreement whose particulars are contained in the order that I am confirming herewith, since I am of the view that it is in the interest of the parties and in the interest of justice to give it effect in order to close this file without further costs or delays;

    I, the undersigned, in my capacity as delegate of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, declare closed the disciplinary procedure begun with respect to trustee Jacques Roy, and, in accordance with the powers vested in me under subsection 14.01(2) of the Act, endorse the agreement arrived at and order as follows:

    1. that the licence of trustee Jacques Roy be suspended for a period of 10 days beginning on May 1, 2008, during which period he may not act as a trustee, nor accept any mandate under the Act, neither personally, nor in the name of a corporate trustee;
    2. that unless he conforms to this order, the trustee shall be deemed to not have complied with one of the conditions of his licence within the meaning of paragraph 13.2(5)(b) of the Act.

    Signed at Montréal, this 1st day of April 2008

    Honourable Lawrence Poitras, Q.C.
    In my capacity as delegate of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy

    This document has been reproduced as submitted by the delegate of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.